With Bablee, you can create a public profile so that clients can easily find out more about you and your work.
Try to be honest and concise while providing useful information.

Languages Combinations

Giving this information is essential as this is how potential clients will easily find your profile! You’re welcome to add several source languages to your profile.

Areas Of Expertise

In order to make sure that you are contacted for projects that suit you the best, be precise about your interests and areas of expertise.

Present Yourself

How you present yourself is very important as it’s the only way potential clients can learn more about you and the way you work. Give as many details as possible, without writing an autobiography!

Your Experience

You can highlight three professional experiences that summarise your work and your career. Try to be as clear and concise as possible.

Your Calendar

If you don’t want to receive any offers during your holidays, just fill in your calendar! If you update your calendar regularly, you’ll be more likely to appear in the top profile proposals when a client is doing a search.

Other Services & Files Types

This option is particularly useful if you provide services other than basic translation services, for example, if you’re a sworn translator or if you are able to work with graphic files (such as .indd or .ai).

Promote yourself!

Your Bablee profile is public, which means it can also work as a slick, online business card. Don’t hesitate to share your profile on social media and show the world how great you are!


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